Top 5 Email Marketing Software for Automated Marketing

Automation is taking over the conventional market and it has a wide impact on email marketing as well. Generally, Email marketer used to perform repetitive actions to send campaigns based on various factors.

With automation, that repetitive action can be done very easily. Let me give you an example.

A new subscriber joins and you send him/her a freebie. After three days, you send another email with your blog post or product recommendation. After two days, you send another email asking their feedback and so on.

You can easily do this by designing simple workflow or automation flow in the platform I am going to list below.


Drip is the first email marketing platform to introduce workflow. It is a very intuitive diagram which you can make explaining the flow of your emails.

Those diagrams are later converted into events and based on those events particular emails are sent.

Check out Drip website and their features. It is a really impressive product with affordable price.


I have been introduced to this product by one of my marketer friends. This product is by far the best-packaged email marketing product I have ever used and still using it for various websites.

Mailerlite offers almost every feature such as Landing pages, popups, automation in one single cost. I pay $10 a month and send like 50000+ emails to more than 10000 subscribers.

I have used Mailerlite Automation workflow to design a complete 15-day course. It’s simple and best suited for small businesses.


The elephant of the email marketing software. Aweber is in the market for I guess more than 15 years. They are trusted and widely recommended. I have used it in past but due to price moved to Mailchimp ( Switched to Mailerlite later).

Aweber provides automation using autoresponder emails. They don’t have workflow diagram feature but you can pretty much do same using autoresponder emails.


This product is more than just mass email marketing. It’s totally focused on event-based emails.

Let me explain it using the example.

Suppose you are running an E-commerce website. The user is browsing your product and added some product to cart (This is an event) but never check out. You can add this event in Vero and configure a reminder email to remind that user about the products in the car.

This is huge to increase sales and engagement for product based companies.



Last but not the least, Mailchimp. I am sure you have heard or used this product once in a while. I used MailChimp for more than a year and this seems quite a good product to me.


They offer free usage for bloggers and marketers and provide autoresponder for email automation.


If you are not using automation in your email campaigns then I highly recommend you should. This will save lots of time and increase engagement and sales of your product.

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